What’s In Store for You When You Don’t Have Programmatic Advertising?

10 months ago Joseph Wilson 0

In the land of advertising, there are a lot of options to pursue. One of these options would be programmatic advertising. So what happens if you don’t partake of it? For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, let us break it down for you.

Programmatic advertising is pretty much that act of purchasing advertising space. The main difference is that no face-to-face interaction is made. Everything is made through an algorithm or a program. That pretty much streamlines the purchasing of space for advertising. So what’s in store for those who do not have it? Here are a few repercussions to that:

No Access to Premium Space

Not all digital and physical spaces are the same. There are particular websites that get a lot of traffic as opposed to others that get menial ones. The same logic applies for physical spaces. So the people that has programmatic advertising have a better chance of making the right bid and obtaining premium space.

Intense Competition

While there are those that still maintain the practice of physically buying and obtaining ad space, this practice is severely outdated. Those that do not have programmatic advertising end up having to scour their sources. The competition is that much tougher since physical effort is necessary. Unlike those that merely need to run a program and see the results of the parameters they set, those with outdated practices have to undergo intense competition.

In Closing

The advertising field has been steadily moving into the realm of programs and digital spheres. You can actually say that it’s lot like the field of gambling. Those that made the switch from physical places to digital ones received a massive influx of new clients. Those that didn’t were left to struggle with trying to entice people to actually visit their locations.

With that being said, what do you think is in store for you if you continue to ignore programmatic advertising?