Quarter billion connected cars on roads by 2015

by: Lucinda Southern on 29 January 2015

Connected cars are capturing our imaginations, but a fifth of drivers won’t be sharing their data, research shows

For the last few years CES has been beginning to resemble more of a car show than a consumer electronics one. In 2015 articles told us auto brands took centre stage, and connected cars were the fourth most tweeted about topic (according to data collected by Hotwire).

It is an exciting space and one that feels within our reach. Gartner’s 2014 Hype Cycle pits autonomous vehicles just cresting the Peak of Inflated Expectation, and coming into effect in 5 to 10 years.

By 2025 every new car on the roads will be connected in multiple ways. Gartner also predicts that by 2020 250 million vehicles on the road will be smart. In this climate Statista has collated data from IHS Automotive, Capgemini and M2M among others to give a snapshot of the landscape.

The degrees of connectivity are accounted for, whether it’s entertainment systems synchronising through smartphones, or full-scale autonomous driving vehicles. The reasons for connectivity range from entertainment and vehicle management – what we’re seeing most of on the roads now in connected vehicles, to safety and driver assistance – two major growth areas in the next five years and what the majority of connected vehicles will be built for.

The visualisation charts the brands that are the most innovative for communications systems, and the carmakers that are the most innovative for driving assistance, although the order resembles each other, with Audi, Mercedes and BMW taking the top three spots.

Car insurance is one sector that will see interesting changes based on these developments. Others that will be implicated will depend on individual data sharing, something that a fifth of people surveyed said they were not willing to do.

It’s an area that has got consumers excited, potentially because the idea of autonomous vehicles is the closest and most everyday example that any of us will get to working Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, analysts are predicting connected cars will revolutionise the market in the same way that smartphones have done, whether the number of opportunities this uncovers will equal those of smartphones will be interesting to see.