Advertisers Want In: Why Netflix Refuses to Budge and Viewers Love It

7 months ago Joseph Wilson 0

Once upon a time, it truly seemed that rental videos would always be a part of everyone’s lives. When Netflix—and online streaming—came about, it completely revolutionized the way people watched TV shows and Movies. As something that was suddenly patronized by millions of people the world over, it was only natural that business, brands, and conglomerates wanted to run their ads on Netflix.

Here are a few reasons why:

Massive Exposure

Netflix is one of the heavily used streaming platforms in the world. It is also used by a wide range of users with varying ages. This makes Netflix users and watchers basically an untapped mega pool of potential clients just sitting there while they binge watch their favorite movies and shows.

Less Cost

Digital spaces aren’t as expensive as physical locations for advertising so if there was any brand that was lucky (or skilled) enough to convince Netflix to show their ads, the cost of doing so wouldn’t be as high as normally expected.

While this would be ideal, Netflix refuses to budge on their no outside advertising rule. Netflix generally has a few suggestions based on viewing history they still do not run full ads. Their viewers are, of course, quite happy about this for a few very good reasons. Like:

They Get What They Paid For

Netflix is a paid service. You go to other viewing platforms and you will be seeing ads pretty much everywhere. The videos you watch will even get interrupted mid-play. Netflix users get to enjoy uninterrupted viewing time.

Much like how online gamblers get to use a lot of different specs when paying for a program, it is always important to value for money.

0 Ads

Not enough emphasis can be put on the fact that ads are everywhere. While they are the lifeblood of certain businesses, if you are an everyday consumer the sight of ads can be tedious and frankly irritating.

The fact that Netflix only hosts their own ‘ads’ despite the potential billions in ad revenue is one of the main reasons why their subscription count has only gone up and not down. This, of course, is something that most ad agencies and brands still find so irritating about Netflix. It’s like their holding down a massive piece of the pie without sharing.

In Closing

From the point of view of a brand owner, yes this can be quite frustrating. However, from the eyes of the consumer, the less ads the better! This is why ad agencies and brands need to be smart about the sort of marketing ploys they try out on the already fatigued populace.

Do you think Netflix will continue to keep their no ad policy?