Got the Tinker Bite? A Few Things You Can Learn from Cinder

9 months ago Joseph Wilson 0

The very first Cannes Lions Innovation Grand Prix Winner introduced something pretty special for the encoders of the world. It’s been a while since then but there are still a lot of things that new innovators can learn from Cinder.

For those who aren’t familiar with Cinder, let us clarify a few things. Cinder is the program that was introduced in the first ever Cannes Lions Innovation Grand Prix—an event which saw the presentation of some truly innovative forms of tech. Cinder, the winner of 2013, is an open-sourced creative coding platform. Here are a few things that the innovators of today can learn from this:

Target an Audience

Cinder’s creators were very clear on who they were aiming to target: those that were invested in the fields of creative coding like ad executives, digital artists, and hands-on business owners. The creators of Cinder were very clear on who they wanted to use their creation the words used were “hardcore coders or developers”.

A lot of innovation of today tends to just consider a wide market audience. So what tends to happen is that there’s a lot of new gimmicks that come up that only scratch the surface of interest of the general public.

Make it Open Source

Most technology of today is divided to work only with specific systems. This means that it is the consumer that will have to adjust to the specifications of the innovation. This isn’t really something that’s intuitive and pretty much cuts the market on who will support this particular innovation.

An open source innovation will allow for more people to make use of it and ensures that more people’s processes would be improved.

Offer Something that Makes Sense

Cinder was a platform that combined a lot of the necessary tools for advertising and programmers. It was essentially a Swiss Army knife for coders that wanted to have a single program for all sorts of different tasks. Clearly, it was something that made sense.

The innovators of today tend to focus on creating something simply for the sake of creation. While there are those that break the mold like those that established AirBnb or Uber, a lot of newer innovations still need to be a bit more intuitive on who uses their technology and what they use it for.

In Closing

There is a lot that people can learn from the successful innovations of yesteryears. Much like newbie gamblers can learn from the skills and practices of seasoned gamblers, those that aiming to create something new can learn from those that have gone before them.

What lessons can you personally pick up from Cinder and its creators?