John Lewis extends christmas campaign in-store with 3D toy scanner

by: Charlotte McEleny on 06 November 2014

John Lewis and Microsoft have teamed up to create an in-store service, personalising the retailers' Christmas ad

John Lewis has teamed up with Microsoft to extend its Christmas campaign in-store with smart 3D scanning technology.

It may have only been a short few hours between the John Lewis ad dropping on YouTube and the time of this article being published, but it is already causing a stir across social media in the UK.

The retailer is famed for its emotional ads, which have been produced by its agency Adam&EveDDB. The latest ‘Monty’s Christmas’ tells the tale of a child who seemingly has a pet penguin that’s very lonely. The child decides to buy its penguin a mate for Christmas.

The ad evolves to reveal that the penguin is actually just an old toy and the boy has bought it another penguin toy. To build on the theme of children’s imaginations, particularly with their toys, John Lewis has sought the help from Microsoft to create a digital experience for customers in its Oxford Street store.

Children will be able to scan their toys using Kinect 2 technology, which creates a 3D digital version of the toy. The toy dances alongside the child and takes a picture, allowing the child to have a permanent reminder of the time their toy came to life in the middle of a department store.

The digital experience was conceived between John Lewis, Microsoft, Adam&EveDDB and Manning Gottlieb OMD.

To extend the campaign beyond the one store, a targeted ad campaign will run across a suite of Microsoft websites and services.