Instagram - 2 years ahead of Facebook as it reaches 14M UK users

by: Lucinda Southern on 14 July 2015

At a London press event Instagram announces it has 14 monthly active users in the UK and its rate of growth is ahead of Facebook

The Facebook-owned photo sharing app has, for the first time, released figures on how many active UK monthly users there are on its platform.

Announced at a press briefing on Monday 13th July in London, this is the first time Instagram has released any region-specific statistics at all. Previously the company refused to break out the demographics of its 300 million global monthly users, besides that 70% of this number come from outside of America.

The UK Instagram community is clearly an important area of growth for the company, and so an attractive prospect for brands keen to reach engaged audiences. Also, at its current growth rate it is two years ahead of parent company Facebook, which has 35 million UK users.

Introducing the morning, Steve Hatch who leads the sales team in the UK for Instagram, outlined three trends they have deduced from its growth: the move from desktop to mobile, the move from text-based messaging to visual communication, the move from intent-based search to intelligence-based discovery - the abundance of content available making discovery tools even more important.

The briefing was used to highlight the work the platform is doing with brands, and showcased successes from Instagram veterans Burberry and Nike, to more recently launched campaigns from Cadbury, Turkish Airlines and Adidas.

Instagram plans to soon offer advertisers the same targeting options that are available on Facebook. Giving brands the ability to tell a story in simple and inspirational ways – Instagram ads are currently created to look native to the platform – advertisers will soon be able to target sequential messaging to users alternating between Instagram and Facebook.

The assembled team joining Hatch, Amy Cole head of brand development for EMEA, and Al Cotterill, who is a creative strategist in Instagram’s Creative Shop, would not discuss further the demographics of the 14 million UK users, or how many of those accounts were from brands.

Equally, detail on Instagram ad unit costs, which are CPM based, were refused comment. Although the partnering service Instagram is currently giving to its brands is not a scalable one, the team did say developments are underway to open up more self-service channels for smaller companies who will have less access to Instagram services.