The Influence from Numbers Counts More When Applying Digital Marketing

by: on 24 September 2015

Digital media is having a global influence at a dizzying pace on millions of consumers. Antonia Thompson-Weisman, Group Strategy Director, ITB, explains the tricks of the trade on how to manage the need to attract quick revenue in the digital jungle.

"Our aim was to pursue a diverse range of talent personalities to mirror the changing customer profile and the myriad faces that embody the evolution of French style, or “Le Nouveau Chic.”"

In today’s digital marketing landscape, brands are faced with the challenge of reaching new and shifting audiences via social media and other similar channels, whilst authentically relating the business to the true customer needs. Sometimes, the solution can be found by leveraging the collective reach of a carefully selected cast of talent who, together, have the power to reach multiple, targeted audiences and build brand engagement in an organic way through digital channels.

By choosing talent from a variety of sectors that break both cultural and geographical barriers, as opposed to a single, global face, brands can relate to a growing and changing customer-base by mirroring their diverse interests. In this way, brands are achieving more through multi-talent campaigns, whether in rallying for a philanthropic cause, instigating a viral movement, or re-aligning brand perception with the changing faces of a new generation.

Working in partnership with our sister agency Wednesday, ITB was recently enlisted to secure an eclectic cast of talent to feature in the new digital advertising campaign platform for prestigious French retailer Galeries Lafayette, marking an important re-launch of the store’s brand image by replacing the iconic image of ‘the girl and the Eiffel tower’. 

Our aim was to pursue a diverse range of talent personalities to mirror the changing customer profile and the myriad faces that embody the evolution of French style, or “Le Nouveau Chic.”

Unveiled on 15 September 2015, the new Galeries Lafayette campaign includes a group of influential talent and leaders across fashion, food and performance, to become the new faces of the prestigious French department store: Dancer Marie-Agnés, singer/songwriter Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, Chef Pierre Jancou, TV personality Mademoiselle Agnés, models Camille Rowe and Anais Mali and cult dance sensations Les Twins, Laurent and Larry Bourgeois.

The new digital campaign truly reflects the personality of Galeries Lafayette’s varied and cosmopolitan customer-base, whilst remaining true to its founding principles of creating an amazing shopping experience that ‘makes beautiful goods accessible to all’.  The diversity among the cast of talent makes the campaign more relatable and accessible to loyal customers and new, global audiences.

ITB serves as a longstanding strategic partner to brands and individuals alike, leveraging entertainment, retail and talent-based partnerships to deliver competitive advantage. We have worked to create meaningful fashion and talent collaborations on behalf of brands including Dior, Reebok, Calvin Klein and H&M. Each digital campaign we have made is unique and requires a different approach, but there are some unifying principles.

We always start with an insights-driven approach, looking carefully at the digital market segment, the competitor landscape, the audience and the campaign’s core objectives. From this point we can carefully match brands with talented individuals who share the same values and vice-versa. We are very tapped into which talent is open to collaborating and the causes they are passionate about.

Celebrities increasingly want to use their profile to back brands and organisations they believe in, particularly in the philanthropic space. When these come together in a mutually beneficial way, some of the best partnerships can happen.

For example, we recently worked on another multi-talent digital campaign with Alexander Wang and, a global organization supporting youth volunteering and social

change. ITB was brought on to secure and contract thirty-eight different talent - from Cara Delevingne to Kim Kardashian West - to model the collaborative t-shirts and hoodies in a black and white portrait series. It was a timely celebration of the brand’s 10th anniversary and the designer’s desire to use the spotlight for the greater good. The digital campaign sparked a response from philanthropic, luxury fashion and pop culture audiences worldwide.

There is often a stronger customer response when a multitude of globally recognised talent are backing a brand campaign. We saw this shift with celebrity-driven causes such as Band Aid and it has continued with the growing fragmentation and digitalization of influencers.

When Calvin Klein launched their new underwear range last year, for instance, we worked with them to solicit the help of about 100 different influencers from Kendall Jenner to Miranda Kerr, asking each of them to post a ‘selfie’ on Instagram showing off the iconic Calvin Klein waistband with the hashtag #mycalvins. The viral reaction via digital means was astounding, and we were able to generate awareness and drive purchase intent across a broad range of consumers in a way which felt organic and not overly promotional. 

As the competition for consumer attention grows – particularly in the fashion and retail space - we strive to ensure our partners are not only meeting the latest trends in digital marketing campaigns, but driving them – whether it be the new French chic or social change. Recruiting support from the many, rather than the few, can often be a strong strategy to achieve this, for the power of the collective voice is inarguable.   

By Antonia Thompson-Weisman, Group Strategy Director, ITB