Three Ways How You Can Invoke Brand Loyalty Rather Than Familiarity

6 months ago Joseph Wilson 0

When you have a business or a brand that you’re taking care of it is important that you understand the difference between brand ‘loyalty’ versus brand familiarity. Brand familiarity is the concept when a consumer knows you exist but otherwise does not particularly care to patronize your business. Brand loyalty is the concept when you and only you are actively chosen to meet a particular need.

Brand loyalty is better because those who are loyal to a brand are more likely to actually patronize the business, be more forgiving of errors, and are more likely to push and promote your brand for free. For example, gamblers tend to choose to repeat their business in an establishment that meets specific needs. Loyal gamblers rack up a lot profit over a short amount of time.

Sounds great, right? In that case, it would be highly important to be aware of how you can invoke brand loyalty in your customers.

If you haven’t quite locked down your own processes, here are a few tips for you:

Rock Your Social Networking

Social media is the gift that keeps on giving. When you have a brand, it is almost unthinkable for you to not have social media pages. It is through your social media that you get to engage your audience. The quality of your content and your responses to queries will help to add or detract from your positive reputation.

A customer that knows about you and obtains a positive interaction from your brand’s social networking can easily transform into a brand loyalist.

Provide Stellar Customer Service

A lot of the time, customers turn their backs on a brand because of a nasty customer service experience. If you train your people well and have them endeavor to provide good customer service experiences for your clients, you better your brand’s odds of obtaining loyalty.

Have your people understand the power of following-up on issues raised by clients. Have them understand that it is important to be proactive about offering assistance.

Build Loyalty Programs

No matter what your business is, it can benefit from loyalty programs. A loyalty program is one which actually incentivizes regular interaction with your brand or business. The most basic form of a loyalty program would be the point earning system. If they hit a certain number or amount for a purchase, they earn a point which would be convertible to a specified prize.

In Closing

Brand loyalty is what your business will want to have if it wants to have sustained profit and income. What’s great is that it does not take much to obtain brand loyalty!

Which methods have you tried to obtain brand loyalty for your business?