Ebay’s shoppable window boosts mobile sales 48%

by: Lucinda Southern on 11 December 2014

Online retail ruler eBay opens shoppable windows in Sydney

Opening interactive shoppable windows eBay is hoping to create a more immersive and festive commerce experience for its customers. 

The online retailer has toyed with physical, shoppable windows in New York in the past and is now translating the scheme to Australia.

More sophisticated technology and consumer trends towards mobile commerce makes this more than just a novelty stunt, but a strategic move to capitalise on the convenience the consumer demands.

In Sydney from the 4th to 7th December the “Shoppable Windows”, comprised of 42 inch screens, were open for 24 hours a day for people to purchase via mobile.

This follows a wider trend of merging the benefits of online retail with offline experience, a combination which eBay has conducted research showing that 65% of Australian associate holiday shopping with physical cues like Christmas music and decorations, while 37% get inspiration from shop windows. Appealing to this eBay’s installation included Christmas music and a snow machine.

On December 7th, eBay expects 2.6 million visitors the AU site and 1.5 million via mobile. Its internal research team also predicted it would sell at least 200,000 items through its mobile application, a 48% increase from 2013.