Durex app synchronises content with radio ad

by: Lucinda Southern on 19 February 2015

Audiences listening to the radio spot can look ‘Behind Closed Doors’ via the app

To promote the launch of its new ecommerce site, Durex has launched what it’s terming a ‘media first’ and synchronising its radio adverts with people’s smartphones, in attempts to boost ad recall.

People who download the Durex Explore app, which acts as a content seeding vehicle, are able to see the accompanying footage that synchs in with what is being heard on the radio ad, called ‘Behind Closed Doors’.  

It works by using a form of audio fingerprinting, using the phone’s microphone to detect which part of the ad is playing it will then synchronise to the corresponding visuals on the screen.

The ad, created by Havas Worldwide London, follows the launch last year of the first dual-screen synchronised film, which played out the Behind Closed Doors ad on users’ phones while a more watered-down version of the content was aired on TV.

Other agencies are investing in similar synchronising technologies to effective results when it comes to ad recall, for example, last year Denstu Aegis partnered with real-time TV analytics firm wywy so it could buy mobile inventory for its clients at the time its ad was playing on TV. This synchronisation led to a 35% in click-through rate. In effect the result is the same, that audiences receive a more fluid and cohesive ad experience, boosting metrics.

Alasdair Graham, Global Executive Creative Director RB at Havas Worldwide London said: “Technology now allows us to watch radio on our second screen.  So we thought, let's make a radio ad where we don't ask people to imagine a picture that they don't want to miss out on.  This time, we're going to show it to them."

Durex's radio ad was first aired on Absolute and Planet Rock stations on Friday 13th February, and reminded listeners to download the app to see the behind the scenes.