Advertising Woes: Common Issues that Advertisers Face Today

2 months ago Joseph Wilson 0
The field of advertising can be a bit challenging no matter how well-versed with the ins and outs. This is because the field of advertising is ever changing. Today, we wanted to shine a bit of a light on some of the common issues that advertisers tend to face today. We feel this is important Read More

3 Simple Tips to Build a Good Team for Your Ads

4 months ago Joseph Wilson 0
When you hire people to be in your advertising department, there are a few things that you can promote to help build a good team. The advertising team that you have in your business will help to determine the quality of ads that you will get to have. Here are a few tips on how Read More

What Online Sources Can Help You Navigate Your Advertising?

5 months ago Joseph Wilson 0
Information is something that isn’t cheap—at least, that’s what they used to say. In today’s world information is freely available; as long as you know where to look for it. When you’re trying to navigate through the field of advertising for your own means, it would be highly critical for you to have good sources Read More

Advertisers Want In: Why Netflix Refuses to Budge and Viewers Love It

7 months ago Joseph Wilson 0
Once upon a time, it truly seemed that rental videos would always be a part of everyone’s lives. When Netflix—and online streaming—came about, it completely revolutionized the way people watched TV shows and Movies. As something that was suddenly patronized by millions of people the world over, it was only natural that business, brands, and Read More

Slogging Through Ad Data: How Not to Lose Your Sanity

9 months ago Joseph Wilson 0
The current state of advertising requires a lot of data analysis. In certain days, this data can seem quite daunting. After all, in order to maximize marketing campaigns the data needs to be understood comprehensively. This means that it can be rather draining to have to slog through extensive data in order to really utilize Read More

What’s In Store for You When You Don’t Have Programmatic Advertising?

10 months ago Joseph Wilson 0
In the land of advertising, there are a lot of options to pursue. One of these options would be programmatic advertising. So what happens if you don’t partake of it? For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, let us break it down for you. Programmatic advertising is pretty much that act of purchasing advertising Read More

Advertising Seeds: Why Engaged Customers Make the Best Customers

11 months ago Joseph Wilson 0
In the land of business, it is good to have customers who are aware of your existence. This, however, does not always equate to profit. So what sort of customers is the best kind? The answer is quite simple. The customers that are often, if not always, engaged with your brand make the best customers. Read More