About 12 Ahead

In the world of business, advertising has always played a key part in building or demolishing reputations. It is a matter of fact that if a business or a brand wants to make waves—in a good way—they really need to pay attention to their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Reality being as it is, a lot of individuals try to strike it out on their own. Whether it’s starting their own business or running their own ad campaigns. The trouble is, not everyone is well versed on what it takes to run a successful advertising or marketing campaign. This is something that we aim to help with.

Hello we are 12 Ahead. We are an online publication that focuses on the topics of advertising, marketing, and even innovation. We seek to further the knowledge of everyone so that we can all elevate our utilization of ads for our businesses. With the world being as inundated with ads, it is important that people with businesses be more intuitive when it comes to the content and the processes that they choose.

If there is anything or any particular topic about those niches that you would like us to discuss, please get in touch with us at your earliest possible convenience.