Advertising Woes: Common Issues that Advertisers Face Today

Joseph Wilson 2 months ago
The field of advertising can be a bit challenging no matter how well-versed with the ins and outs. This is because the field of advertising is ever changing. Today, we wanted to shine a bit of a light on... Read More

3 Simple Tips to Build a Good Team for Your Ads

Joseph Wilson 4 months ago
When you hire people to be in your advertising department, there are a few things that you can promote...

What Online Sources Can Help You Navigate Your Advertising?

Joseph Wilson 5 months ago
Information is something that isn’t cheap—at least, that’s what they used to say. In today’s world information is freely...


Got the Tinker Bite? A Few Things You Can Learn from Cinder

Joseph Wilson 9 months ago  0
The very first Cannes Lions Innovation Grand Prix Winner introduced something pretty special for the encoders of the world.... Read More

Into Innovation: Why You Should Be Part of the Maker Movement

Joseph Wilson 10 months ago  0
There are those among us that are truly driven to create thing with our bare hands. When you think... Read More

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Advertising Woes: Common Issues that Advertisers Face Today

Joseph Wilson 2 months ago
The field of advertising can be a bit challenging no matter how well-versed with the ins and outs. This... Read More

3 Simple Tips to Build a Good Team for Your Ads

Joseph Wilson 4 months ago
When you hire people to be in your advertising department, there are a few things that you can promote... Read More

What Online Sources Can Help You Navigate Your Advertising?

Joseph Wilson 5 months ago
Information is something that isn’t cheap—at least, that’s what they used to say. In today’s world information is freely... Read More

Three Ways How You Can Invoke Brand Loyalty Rather Than Familiarity

Joseph Wilson 6 months ago
When you have a business or a brand that you’re taking care of it is important that you understand... Read More

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Advertising Woes: Common Issues that Advertisers Face Today

2 months ago Joseph Wilson 0

The field of advertising can be a bit challenging no matter how well-versed with the ins and outs. This is because the field of advertising is ever changing. Today, we wanted to shine a bit of a light on some of the common issues that advertisers tend to face today.

We feel this is important because knowing about common issues provides better opportunities to avoid it if possible. So let’s get started!

Established Return of Investment

Marketing and advertising often require a lot of effort, time, and even a significant amount of money. The trouble with this field is the fact that it can be quire difficult to establish the full return of the investment made toward advertising.

Is it something that can be seen in the profit margin? Is it something that’s traced in the site engagements? Is the influx because of the advertising or the already existing pool of customers?

The trouble with marketing and advertising is that there is no specific date to determine the ROI.

Obtaining a Budget

Since establishing the return of investment can be challenging, it follows that obtaining further budget for marketing and advertising purposes can be quite difficult as well. This is especially true for smaller firms. Larger firms already know what’s in store with a well-managed ad campaign.

Smaller firms still tend to consider how effective advertising is and how much they should allocate toward it. It also doesn’t help that a lot of other options for advertising is considered to be free like social media—not considering that there are still certain things about it that can cost money.

Generating Engagement and Traffic

Obtaining customer engagement and site traffic is one of the toughest things about advertising. Something that may work today may not necessarily work tomorrow. This is thanks in part to the algorithm of search engines.

This algorithm often changes so anyone who runs ad campaigns needs to be kept abreast of algorithm and violation updates.

In Closing

Advertising is a truly challenging field no matter how long you’ve been in it. Much like gambling, you can keep playing the game but it doesn’t mean that it’ll get any easier for you. In fact, you can get complacent and make bad moves altogether. This is why it would be important to stay abreast of any new updates and be aware of any common issues which exist. This is a lesson that’s applicable for both gambling AND advertising.

Which of these common issues was something that you’ve run into?

3 Simple Tips to Build a Good Team for Your Ads

4 months ago Joseph Wilson 0

When you hire people to be in your advertising department, there are a few things that you can promote to help build a good team. The advertising team that you have in your business will help to determine the quality of ads that you will get to have.

Here are a few tips on how you can build a good team for your ads:


A common problem that a lot of advertising teams have is that several tasks are given to a single person.  There is usually someone in charge that shoulders the tasks and simply gives menial tasks for others. This does not exactly promote a team environment.

So it is important that you emphasize the benefits of delegating tasks appropriately. There should be sufficient delegation so that no one feels like they’re given more than the others. This air of fairness and equality helps to promote a positive vibe for the team.

In the world of E-sports teams which are usually the subject of sports-betting, every team member has a delegated role they need to play. This makes sure that the overall team strength is at its most efficient.

Share Accountability

When only one shoulders the responsibilities the share of accountability slips as well. A well-functioning team is able to share accountability across the board. One of the important details about accountability is that it is not only a single person that is to blame. If you believe that the person in charge is always responsible, you need to throw out the antiquated thought.

Shared accountability for an advertising team helps them pool together better ideas in the future. It helps them become better invested in what they have to achieve together.


For any team or department, honesty is always very important. Transparency is the concept of good governance through honesty and openness. In an advertising team, errors and bad calls can happen. When it does happen, being transparent about the fault leads to a better overall team.

In Closing

Your advertising team will be at the forefront of building, analyzing, and adjusting your brand’s marketing strategies. In order to make sure that you’re getting the most out of what you’re paying employees, you need to put forward a good standard for the team as a whole. After all, a substandard advertising team will lead to substandard advertising campaigns.

What things have you promoted to obtain a good advertising team?

What Online Sources Can Help You Navigate Your Advertising?

5 months ago Joseph Wilson 0

Information is something that isn’t cheap—at least, that’s what they used to say. In today’s world information is freely available; as long as you know where to look for it. When you’re trying to navigate through the field of advertising for your own means, it would be highly critical for you to have good sources of information.

Here are a few sources which are often available online:


A webinar might be a bit archaic in terms of the internet lingo but it is still one of the more reliable sources of information online. A webinar or a seminar that is conducted online via web streaming is usually a live broadcast. Those that partake or watch get to see real-time exchanges.

There is usually a chat box that is left open for any viewers to type in questions or concerns. So it’s a pretty good way to get answers to your questions. Webinars are often held here so you may want to look out for announcements in the future.

In the world of gambling, webinars are often held to provide new gamblers a safe space to further their knowledge about difficult topics like utilizing gambling software.


A podcast is not anything new in terms of internet age but it is one of the freely available sources of information online. The main difference being that while webinars are conducted live, a podcast is usually a prerecorded session which is later uploaded unto the net.

Podcasts can be found in a variety of places. You can check out audio streaming services like Spotify or even visit the pages of advertising experts that you know. Chances are they have podcasts available for download either for free or a menial fee.

Online Classes

Online courses or online classes are pretty much what it implies by name. These are sessions that are conducted online which have a curriculum or set topics per session. There are a lot of online classes that can be joined for free and there are those that may have a small fee.

Online classes are good because they usually have reading material sent via email or can be downloaded. These provide learners with a clear copy of the discussion or the material being discussed.

In Closing

The online world is a pretty useful place when you are trying to learn new things or gain a better understanding of certain topics. Other than the sources that we’ve mentioned above, there are several others that we highly suggest you try to utilize when they become available. Knowledge is something that you should always strive for particularly when it comes to bettering your advertising for your business.

What online sources have you made use of?

Three Ways How You Can Invoke Brand Loyalty Rather Than Familiarity

6 months ago Joseph Wilson 0

When you have a business or a brand that you’re taking care of it is important that you understand the difference between brand ‘loyalty’ versus brand familiarity. Brand familiarity is the concept when a consumer knows you exist but otherwise does not particularly care to patronize your business. Brand loyalty is the concept when you and only you are actively chosen to meet a particular need.

Brand loyalty is better because those who are loyal to a brand are more likely to actually patronize the business, be more forgiving of errors, and are more likely to push and promote your brand for free. For example, gamblers tend to choose to repeat their business in an establishment that meets specific needs. Loyal gamblers rack up a lot profit over a short amount of time.

Sounds great, right? In that case, it would be highly important to be aware of how you can invoke brand loyalty in your customers.

If you haven’t quite locked down your own processes, here are a few tips for you:

Rock Your Social Networking

Social media is the gift that keeps on giving. When you have a brand, it is almost unthinkable for you to not have social media pages. It is through your social media that you get to engage your audience. The quality of your content and your responses to queries will help to add or detract from your positive reputation.

A customer that knows about you and obtains a positive interaction from your brand’s social networking can easily transform into a brand loyalist.

Provide Stellar Customer Service

A lot of the time, customers turn their backs on a brand because of a nasty customer service experience. If you train your people well and have them endeavor to provide good customer service experiences for your clients, you better your brand’s odds of obtaining loyalty.

Have your people understand the power of following-up on issues raised by clients. Have them understand that it is important to be proactive about offering assistance.

Build Loyalty Programs

No matter what your business is, it can benefit from loyalty programs. A loyalty program is one which actually incentivizes regular interaction with your brand or business. The most basic form of a loyalty program would be the point earning system. If they hit a certain number or amount for a purchase, they earn a point which would be convertible to a specified prize.

In Closing

Brand loyalty is what your business will want to have if it wants to have sustained profit and income. What’s great is that it does not take much to obtain brand loyalty!

Which methods have you tried to obtain brand loyalty for your business?

More Brand, Less You: Why Business Owners Need to Disassociate from Their Brands

7 months ago Joseph Wilson 0

In the land of Zuckerburg, Musk, and Spiegel it is easy to think up the person associated with the brand that they built. While there seemed to be no drawback to this at the start we—and more importantly—they know differently now. If you think back to even the sixties small brands and businesses were usually carried by the reputation of their owners.

At the time, this was something that everyone adhered to. In today’s day and age, being too close to the brand you build can actually be something that is wholly negative for the brand owner. Today, we wanted to discuss why business owners need to disassociate themselves from their brand if they could.

What is Brand Disassociation?

This is when the owner is not intrinsically tied to the brand that they have created. You can think of it a innovation safety net. For example, the person who created poker is not necessarily tied up to the thing that they created.

As history at the time was rather unrecorded, it is fully unknown if this was something they had chosen to do willingly or incidentally.

Disassociation Perks

When a business owner is disassociated from their brands, they get to enjoy certain perks. Like:


When a brand really blows up and becomes popular, the intense media scrutiny blows up as well. People will want to know who is behind the brand, how they achieved success, what new thing will be applied, and more importantly, what they’re going to do with all that money.

The likes of Zuckerburg and Spiegel will tell you that the loss of privacy has bee quite significant. It’s also pretty bad that the personal actions of the person representing the brand directly affect how the brand is perceived despite being separate entities.

Freedom for New Independent Projects

Those that have chosen to disassociate from their particular brands find that they have the freedom to launch or try out other projects in their future. For example, let’s say that Zuckerburg decided to try his hand at something new, people will still measure his successes and failures based on what he had already achieved with Facebook.

This freedom is critical for new ventures. Nothing is worse for a brand than being judged and dismissed because of who owns it.

In Closing

For brand owners of today, choosing to even partially disassociate from their brand is already a great boon. Not only to they get to enjoy privacy and freedom to start new venture, but they also get to enjoy the fact that there is no extreme pressure to keep succeeding.

Would you consider disassociating from your brand?

Advertisers Want In: Why Netflix Refuses to Budge and Viewers Love It

7 months ago Joseph Wilson 0

Once upon a time, it truly seemed that rental videos would always be a part of everyone’s lives. When Netflix—and online streaming—came about, it completely revolutionized the way people watched TV shows and Movies. As something that was suddenly patronized by millions of people the world over, it was only natural that business, brands, and conglomerates wanted to run their ads on Netflix.

Here are a few reasons why:

Massive Exposure

Netflix is one of the heavily used streaming platforms in the world. It is also used by a wide range of users with varying ages. This makes Netflix users and watchers basically an untapped mega pool of potential clients just sitting there while they binge watch their favorite movies and shows.

Less Cost

Digital spaces aren’t as expensive as physical locations for advertising so if there was any brand that was lucky (or skilled) enough to convince Netflix to show their ads, the cost of doing so wouldn’t be as high as normally expected.

While this would be ideal, Netflix refuses to budge on their no outside advertising rule. Netflix generally has a few suggestions based on viewing history they still do not run full ads. Their viewers are, of course, quite happy about this for a few very good reasons. Like:

They Get What They Paid For

Netflix is a paid service. You go to other viewing platforms and you will be seeing ads pretty much everywhere. The videos you watch will even get interrupted mid-play. Netflix users get to enjoy uninterrupted viewing time.

Much like how online gamblers get to use a lot of different specs when paying for a program, it is always important to value for money.

0 Ads

Not enough emphasis can be put on the fact that ads are everywhere. While they are the lifeblood of certain businesses, if you are an everyday consumer the sight of ads can be tedious and frankly irritating.

The fact that Netflix only hosts their own ‘ads’ despite the potential billions in ad revenue is one of the main reasons why their subscription count has only gone up and not down. This, of course, is something that most ad agencies and brands still find so irritating about Netflix. It’s like their holding down a massive piece of the pie without sharing.

In Closing

From the point of view of a brand owner, yes this can be quite frustrating. However, from the eyes of the consumer, the less ads the better! This is why ad agencies and brands need to be smart about the sort of marketing ploys they try out on the already fatigued populace.

Do you think Netflix will continue to keep their no ad policy?

Got the Tinker Bite? A Few Things You Can Learn from Cinder

9 months ago Joseph Wilson 0

The very first Cannes Lions Innovation Grand Prix Winner introduced something pretty special for the encoders of the world. It’s been a while since then but there are still a lot of things that new innovators can learn from Cinder.

For those who aren’t familiar with Cinder, let us clarify a few things. Cinder is the program that was introduced in the first ever Cannes Lions Innovation Grand Prix—an event which saw the presentation of some truly innovative forms of tech. Cinder, the winner of 2013, is an open-sourced creative coding platform. Here are a few things that the innovators of today can learn from this:

Target an Audience

Cinder’s creators were very clear on who they were aiming to target: those that were invested in the fields of creative coding like ad executives, digital artists, and hands-on business owners. The creators of Cinder were very clear on who they wanted to use their creation the words used were “hardcore coders or developers”.

A lot of innovation of today tends to just consider a wide market audience. So what tends to happen is that there’s a lot of new gimmicks that come up that only scratch the surface of interest of the general public.

Make it Open Source

Most technology of today is divided to work only with specific systems. This means that it is the consumer that will have to adjust to the specifications of the innovation. This isn’t really something that’s intuitive and pretty much cuts the market on who will support this particular innovation.

An open source innovation will allow for more people to make use of it and ensures that more people’s processes would be improved.

Offer Something that Makes Sense

Cinder was a platform that combined a lot of the necessary tools for advertising and programmers. It was essentially a Swiss Army knife for coders that wanted to have a single program for all sorts of different tasks. Clearly, it was something that made sense.

The innovators of today tend to focus on creating something simply for the sake of creation. While there are those that break the mold like those that established AirBnb or Uber, a lot of newer innovations still need to be a bit more intuitive on who uses their technology and what they use it for.

In Closing

There is a lot that people can learn from the successful innovations of yesteryears. Much like newbie gamblers can learn from the skills and practices of seasoned gamblers, those that aiming to create something new can learn from those that have gone before them.

What lessons can you personally pick up from Cinder and its creators?

Slogging Through Ad Data: How Not to Lose Your Sanity

9 months ago Joseph Wilson 0

The current state of advertising requires a lot of data analysis. In certain days, this data can seem quite daunting. After all, in order to maximize marketing campaigns the data needs to be understood comprehensively. This means that it can be rather draining to have to slog through extensive data in order to really utilize the data effectively.

We know that staring at bars, tables, and charts can really take a whopping out of your mental faculties. This is why it is important to know how to not lose your sanity when digesting and transmuting advertising data. Here are a few of our personal tip!

Take a Break

This is one tip that is often said but often ignored. Data and data analysis can really be draining especially over long periods of time. Taking periodic and even regular breaks can help to combat fatigue and stress. Taking breaks also significantly lessens the probability of making mistakes in the data analysis.

Just like how gamblers take breaks from the games they love in order to keep their minds sharp, those that handle data should make it a point to take breaks.

Get a Second Opinion

A lot of the time, one relies one their own capabilities to sort out mountains of data and find out what that means in terms of engagement and what needs to change. However, when one spends a lot of time pouring over the same information over an extended period of time it can be easy to miss certain information.

This is why getting a second opinion is always a good call when it comes to analyzing ad data.

Get Better Software

When it comes to data analysis, there are a lot of different ways to go about it. if you find yourself struggling to make sense of the projections and the vectors, then maybe it’s time to go look for better software.

Software makes a world of difference when it comes to data analysis. Take gambling software for poker example, there are some that are a bit more detailed in their analysis of hands and odds. The same applies for ad analysis software.

In Closing

Understanding and properly assimilating the data that advertising brings you is truly important. However, this should not come at the cost of your well-being. If a business or a brand is to succeed, the people who have to handle data need to have clear minds and fresh eyes. We certainly hope that the information we’ve provided, while common, will still be truly useful.

How do you keep your sanity while slogging through massive piles of advertising data?

Into Innovation: Why You Should Be Part of the Maker Movement

10 months ago Joseph Wilson 0

There are those among us that are truly driven to create thing with our bare hands. When you think about it, the biggest innovations of our time were once someone’s daydream or ambition. Inventors have the power to effectively affect change in the way people live their lives so it is often important that they get the support that they need.

Such support is something that they can get from the Maker Movement. The Maker Movement is a coalition of innovators and inventors. Here are a few things that you have to gain if you become a part of the Maker Movement:

Support from Peers

In search of great idea?crumpled paper in different colors

An inventors mind can be prone to block or frustration. A lot of the time, it really seems like people around you don’t quite understand the need and borderline obsession with completing a project or getting the results that you want.

The other innovators that are part of the Maker Movement go through the same things and can provide support for the innovator.


In some cases the innovator is in need of funding or a certain sources that further their understanding of their craft. After all, not everyone has the opportunity to be independently wealthy or have the backing that they need in order to bring their plans to fruition.

The Maker Movement brings together not just co-innovators but those that make it their business to support those that are the true innovators of today. After all, it only takes the right sort of backing to bring a good break to a really good idea.

Innovation Driven Discussions

The Maker Movement often has events wherein the focus of the discussion are innovation driven. There are different fields which have innovators in it so it would be important for any sort of innovator to really widen their scope of understanding.

In Closing

The Maker Movement is a great place to really discover new things and push the envelope. There are a lot of other benefits to being part of it. It’s not just the organic innovators that benefit from it; those that have a passing fancy may end up falling in love with the idea of creating something unique and entertaining in the same way that those people who found new ways to play with the same sets of cards and discovered poker.

With this in mind, what benefits do you see joining the Maker Movement has for budding innovators?

What’s In Store for You When You Don’t Have Programmatic Advertising?

10 months ago Joseph Wilson 0

In the land of advertising, there are a lot of options to pursue. One of these options would be programmatic advertising. So what happens if you don’t partake of it? For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, let us break it down for you.

Programmatic advertising is pretty much that act of purchasing advertising space. The main difference is that no face-to-face interaction is made. Everything is made through an algorithm or a program. That pretty much streamlines the purchasing of space for advertising. So what’s in store for those who do not have it? Here are a few repercussions to that:

No Access to Premium Space

Not all digital and physical spaces are the same. There are particular websites that get a lot of traffic as opposed to others that get menial ones. The same logic applies for physical spaces. So the people that has programmatic advertising have a better chance of making the right bid and obtaining premium space.

Intense Competition

While there are those that still maintain the practice of physically buying and obtaining ad space, this practice is severely outdated. Those that do not have programmatic advertising end up having to scour their sources. The competition is that much tougher since physical effort is necessary. Unlike those that merely need to run a program and see the results of the parameters they set, those with outdated practices have to undergo intense competition.

In Closing

The advertising field has been steadily moving into the realm of programs and digital spheres. You can actually say that it’s lot like the field of gambling. Those that made the switch from physical places to digital ones received a massive influx of new clients. Those that didn’t were left to struggle with trying to entice people to actually visit their locations.

With that being said, what do you think is in store for you if you continue to ignore programmatic advertising?